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Return to Philcon
dander1938 wrote in seattle_2011

Thursday I will be in Philadelphia on my way to PHILCON 2008,  Crowne Plaza Hotel, Cherry Hill NJ.


I was last in Philadelphia for Millenium PhilCon, the 2001 World Science Fiction Convention. Greg Bear was GoH. He wanted strong using SF in the classroom programming. I headed Developing the Young Reader and Educator’s Saturday. The staff included.


Developing the Young Reader was possible because local fen plus people from Baltimore, Buffalo, Denver, Seattle, Salt Lake City, Texas and other places worked. together.


Seattle-in-2011 Worldcon bid will have a table and a party. I hope to see old friends.




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Cherry Hill NJ is just across the Ben Franklin bridge. Wireless internet in the business office does not like American Express nor Mastercard so I am using the front desk computer.

Saw several friends from MilPhil days. I am in room 718 on one of three hospitality floors. Seattle-in-2011 Worldcon bid has a table Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Party Saturday night.

Will update IF I can get internet in hotel. All wireless cards are out.

David-Glenn Anderson

Back home in Utah. Great crowd partying Saturday. Seattle-in-2011 opened before 9 pm and closed after 2 am. Many Seattle supporters at Philcon. Dave Anderson

PS New hotel = new challanges. Several who were able to get wireless said it was like the old early slow dial ups.

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