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Future Convention parties and other appearances
linda_robinett wrote in seattle_2011
Where will you be in the future?

In my neck of the woods we have Loscon on Thanksgiving weekend coming up.

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My next convention? Gaylaxicon in October.

Do you need flyers distributed there? If so, is this the one - ? Is there a color one I can get printed up instead?

BTW, how often is the online list of pre-supports updated?

I was actually wondering if there would be a Seattle table there.

Re: Gaylaxicon

Would anyone be willing to volunteer to sit a table, even part time there? Also I can get you a color one - please send a mail to and we will get it to you in return mail!

I will be at Gaylaxicon as well and was going to see if you wanted flyers printed and dropped. Looks like zentinal beat me to it, but I'll send email as well. I can also bring some to Arisia this January in Boston.

Re: Gaylaxicon

As soon as we get the memberships in we try to get the list populated through the various places we do backups and onto the website.

Here's the list of cons Seattle in 2011 will be visiting in the near future. Loscon's scheduled for a bid table and party.

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