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Klingon Karaoke Slug
saphyre_blue wrote in seattle_2011
Cheryl has some interesting thoughts on Denvention. Others have posted information that is good for us to be aware of... please take a look at

I found Cheryl's evaluation to be concise and informative and I think you will too!
I found some of the comments VERY interesting:

This is snipped from Vincent Docherty's comments

When I last asked the committee, I was told D3’s warm body count was about 3700, including day/kids, but we’ll get the final figures in due course.

I was asked about Denvention’s low numbers by a few people. I found it useful to start with Mark Olson’s rule of thumb about where Worldcon members come from:
- the regulars who attend most Worldcons, regardless of location (and who usually participate in the Hugos and site selection)
- travelling fans within a day’s drive
- local fans

That model predicts that Worldcons in cities with small catchment areas and few population centres within a day’s drive (or equivalent in Europe) will tend to have a lower membership total, and vice versa. I suspect there is some truth in that model, and comparing the city and metropolitan populations of Denver with Chicago/Boston/LA seem to show some correlation. Of course there will be other factors such as how well the committee engage with local fan groups, students etc.

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Um, that's not the con report. That is waiting on Kevin getting home. But Vince's observations are very interesting.

Denver's numbers compare with Winnipeg's which was the last Great Plains worldcon.

Anticipation being closer to New York and Boston and the other East Coast cities will probably have higher numbers depending on the economic and border situation.

I have a feeling that there will be a decent attendance at Montreal. I know that as a bid I have been encouraging attendance, and I will be bringing with me a bunch of new Worldcon attendees as well. We did this for Denver but since we have a vote in Montreal we will have even more.

I think the economy plays heavily on Worldcons as well. ConJose it seems to me happened at the end of a sort of recession. If my memory is not faulty anyway and it was well attended. Gas prices being what they are it will be tough for folks driving and that will definitely affect the numbers.

Perhaps over the next year things will change economically and this will not be such an issue.

I find the statistics and reasons behind them fascinating.

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