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Unfortunate news about the Seattle in 2011 Worldcon bid
lorscara wrote in seattle_2011

Reposted for Bobbie

It is with grave regret and a deep disappointment that I must announce that the Seattle bid has to pull out of the race to host the Worldcon in 2011. This is due to an unforeseen event and our inability to reach a formal first option agreement with our preferred facilities. We had initial options on facilities, but when it came time to reduce them to formal writing, we found that our preferred facilities had groups willing to make the financial commitment ahead of us. Seattle is such a popular destination for conventions that all of the reasonable dates (early August through early September) already have groups that have firmer commitments than we do. 

After examining the options and alternatives, consulting with our respected advisors and exploring any number of other possibilities we have determined that there are just no viable alternatives, which make sense for the fannish community available to us. We do not want to host the Worldcon in a venue and situation that would prove to be less than World class. In this economy, it is refreshing to know that Seattle remains a popular destination for conventions and tourists even if it is one of the saddest things I can think of at the moment.

I want to personally thank all of the fannish community, our supporters, my advisors, friends and family for giving so completely of yourselves over the last several years. I can personally not think of anyone I would not have wanted to produce this event with other than you – You all gave so much and went so far to make this happen. Thank you for everything!

We will be reviewing future opportunities with our potential facilities with an eye toward bidding for a subsequent year. 

Bobbie DuFault

Seattle 2011 Bid Chairman

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Little in shock on this one. I'm so sorry that this happened.

I'm sorry to hear that. I was, optimistically, looking forward to being able to come to Seattle for Worldcon and as a tourist (instead of working or interviewing for jobs).

At least Reno looks like they have good facilities and options, and I know that we'll all work together to make sure that they run a typically great Worldcon.



Sorry there was nothing we could do to help out here in the broader world. You all know I always have your bck as best I can.

Couple questions, here:

1) Is this something that wouldn't have happened if we were still voting 3 years ahead of time?

2) Do you know of other bids that have run into similar problems since the 2-year window was instituted?

I'll leave Bobbie to answer the specifics of your first question; however, a longer lead time by itself does not solve your problems. The Seattle in 2002 bid was three years in advance and had to pull out. The San Francisco in 2002 bid had to move to San Jose. Other bids have lost their sites even with a three-year lead time.

If you want to reduce the number of bids gazumped by other groups like this, the solution is to stop selecting sites by popular vote and on a fixed lead time. Put the selection in the hands of a Board of Directors and allow them to pick and choose on a variable schedule in order to get the best deal. That's how World Fantasy Con works, incidentally. I'm not advocating for such a change, just pointing out how things work.

I have been thinking about this, has there ever been any talk of maybe something as drastic as a one year window?

I guess it would have the potential of burning out a lot of people, with so much work to do in such a short period of time . . .

I know of no serious talk about going to a one-year window. NASFiC, because their lead time is effectively Worldcon - 1 years, is already on a one-year window.

The underlying problem isn't the absolute length of the lead time as much as it is the inflexibility of the schedule. Sometimes four years would be required, while in others, you're better off being nimble and getting an extremely hungry property desperate to sell space at T-15 months or so.

Mmkay. Thanks for the info!

I am also very sad to get this news. I suspect that this is one of those things that are related to the state of our economy. I truly hope that there will be another reason for me to make that trip from the Southeast to the Northwest, soon.

And you can count on me to support any bid for a Seattle con!

this so totally sucks it's tough to comprehend its total amount of suckage.

Thank you for all your hard work throwing parties and preparing to show fandom a fantastic time. My sympathies that you've hit this fatal roadblock. Look after your goodselves.

Just cannot break old habits. Attending Life, the Universe and Everything in Provo UT

Seems very strange to not be at a table talking Seattle-in-2011

I am next going to Balticon in May


Third time will be the Charm

Seattle, Will get the World Con, but just not as soon as we would like. The people and clubs that abound in Washington state make it the ideal location for World Con. I have proudly been a pre-supporter of both attempts by Seattle for the world Con. I will continue to support them until they DO get it. To everyone that worked on any aspect of the bid. You did a "Hell of a job" and we the fans thank you for it. Let this failed attempt only fire the flames for the next bid. You have learnth so much from this go round that your ultimate success must happen. Again Thank You from a fan for all of your hard and long work.

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