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Proselytizing in DC
I see
robdamnit wrote in seattle_2011
Hey folks,  I printed some of your b&w flyers and dropped them on the info table at Gaylaxicon this weekend and talked up your bid parties to anyone who hadn't attended Denvention... but FYI: Reno was actually there and ran a party in the con suite Sunday night.

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As someone else who was there, it made the 200 or so attendees at Gaylaxicon think that the Seattle bid is not going to be gay-friendly. I'm not saying that it's true; I'm saying that's how it would be perceived. And, considering that the next Gaylaxicon won't occur until after the vote for 2011, that's not a good thing.

While you have a point I think you may be slightly overstating the case since this was the first World Con bid ever or at least in recent history to have a personal presence at Gaylaxicon. This is more a case of Reno being perceived as more friendly to queer fandom than as less threatening to it. Also, some of the attendees of G-con were at Denvention 3 and know that the Seattle bid party crew was both partially gay and totally gay-friendly. I even wore my Seattle in 2011 shirt on the last day of the con.

Ah, I didn't know this.

As the Chair, I believe fandom has to encompass the fans and their interests. As a person, I am very accepting of all life styles and most beliefs. I like people for who they are, and for their diversity not for who they choose to sleep with. Bring me your fen… I want them all! Seriously, we will have a literary focus of course, and we will abide by the accepted norm’s for a Worldcon. I want to pay close attention to some areas like fanzines and see about getting new fen interested in some of the things they don’t understand… but I also embrace new, and I enjoy the challenge of integrating the old and new on a scale that I hope offends no one. It is all about the balance and making it all work together. I would love to have more gay fen on my committee and working with our bid, so please, if this is something that interests you – contact us and join the bid! At the very least make sure your ideas are heard, that you have communicated what you want to see of a Worldcon in Seattle.

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